OSMH Guides for Promoting Mental Wellness in the Tech Workplace

Today we’re proud to share something OSMH has been hard at work creating for the greater tech community: Open Sourcing Mental Health Mental Health in Tech handbooks. The three handbooks offer general guidance on Mental Wellness in the Workplace, Guidelines for Executives and HR Professionals, and Guidelines for Employees.

It should be noted that each of these resources are a work in progress, and each will continue to evolve as the standards for mental health support in professional settings evolves. Please, help us by sharing these resources and expanding our efforts to provide direction in creating supportive workplaces for those dealing with mental disorders.

Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Mental Wellness in the Workplace – Within this guide you will find an overview for the landscape of mental health support in tech today, as well as mental health in the workplace examples, guidelines for developing mental healthy policies, communication tips and more.

Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Executives and HR Professionals – This guide covers information on The Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC Enforcement guidance, and suggestions for accommodating employees with mental health impairments.

Mental Health in Tech: Guidelines for Employees – This guide provides information on The Americans with Disabilities Act and enforcement guidance specifically for the employee, as well as suggestions for reasonable accommodations for mental health impairments and more.

NOTE: These documents were compiled by Open Sourcing Mental Health contributors using WHO, EEOC, and other guidelines; these contributors are not attorneys and the Open Sourcing Mental Health materials do not constitute legal advice of any type.

For more information on OSMH’s resources, visit osmhhelp.org/resources, or to find out how you can help change the way we talk about mental health in tech go to osmhhelp.org.