Image from page 390 of "Peking : a social survey conducted under auspices of the Princeton University Center in China and the Peking Young Men's Christian Association" (1921)

Yesterday I released the Mental Health in Tech Survey. My intent is to get an idea of how mental health is treated in the tech workplace. With this information, we should be better able to identify areas of need and address them. I'm particularly interested in the workplace, because I believe that making the workplace a safe place to discuss mental health issues will have the most impact on the tech/developer community.

In just the first day we had nearly 700 responses. This is pretty amazing, and I'm really excited about the information we can gather from this.

When things settle down a bit, I will try to make some pretty graphs and draw some conclusions about what tech companies can do to make their workplaces safe to discuss mental health. I’ll probably use much of it in my talks, and will release all data under a CC license.

I would like to strongly encourage everyone to share this survey with your colleagues. Send it to your team lead, your CTO, your CEO, and ask them to share it with everyone. Every response makes a difference. I want everyone's experiences to be represented.

I am already aware that the survey doesn't address self-employed folks well, and the questions are US-centric, because health coverage is typically tied to employment in the US. Please don't let that dissuade you from taking the survey. You will not skew results or otherwise mess things up -- I will account for these issues in the analysis.

Please take the survey now, and share it!